Multi Award Winning Laverbread Snack Salami

Made with only the freshest ingredients, Free Range Pork, Salts, Laverbread, Black Pepper and a little Garlic.

Dried to perfection                                                                            £1.50     30g    

Care must be taken to keep your Salami  Delicious !

Our Salami is fully preserved and will keep for up to three months from purchase,

but it does need constant care to ensure that it does not get too dry too quickly .

Our Salami is safe to be kept at ambient temperatures. However, we do recommend that the best way to preserve is to wrap it tightly in greasproof paper, and keep in the fridge. Once started, cut a very thin piece from the edge and discard each time.

Perfect when left to reach room temperature before serving.

Sliced packs should be consumed within two months from purchase and 3 days after opening.

Award Winning Chorizo 

Using only the freshest ingredients Rare Breed Pork, Salts, Paprika, Garlic, Black Pepper

& A touch of Brandy

Fab in Cooking or ready to eat                                                      £4.00        80g

We also do a range of tied Salami that would compliment any Deli. We do a range of Laverbread, Leek, Paprika & Fennel. Email for details .  

Fennel Snack Salami

Made with only the freshest of ingredients

Rare Breed Pork, Salts, Fennel, Garlic, Chilli

Dried to perfection                                                           £1.50      30g

Very excited to announce coming soon our new Biltong with a Welsh Twist !

Biltong coated in Laverbread

Biltong Coated in Piri Piri


   Award Winning Nduja

Fantastic in cooking, made with Free Range Pork, Salts, Fresh Chilli, Fennel, Black Pepper & Garlic

Spreadable        100g                                                              £5

A Taster Selection of what we produce at Salami HQ               to include TRY some more ! 48hours

to include :- a selection of :- plus extras

Laverbread Snack Salami

Fennel Snack Salami                                   £20

Paprika Snack Salami

A selection of tied Salami

Chorizo with a touch of Brandy



Above are a range of our most popular products, but we also do a selection of cured and fresh sausages (Great Taste Award for our famous Laverbread Sausages) - also bespoke products. Please e-mail if you would like some information on wholesale for your deli or restaurant, or maybe some fab BEER STICKS for your bar !